VIP Booths / Private VIP Tables



    There are three (3) V.I.P Booths; Platinum, Gold and Silver. The V.I.P Booths vary in size, person capacity and minimum spend which is redeemable by the bottle service provided by your private hostess assigned to your booth. The minimum spend of each booth allows access for the stipulated number of people into your booth. Therefore, for any additional persons added to the V.I.P Booth an additional charge of BDS$100.00 will be added to the available spend at your booth and be fully redeemable through the purchase of alcohol by the bottle in each booth.
    Silver Booth requires a minimum spend of BDS$800 and accommodates up to 8 people

    Gold Booth requires a minimum spend of BDS$1,200 and accommodates up to 12 people

    Platinum Booth requires a minimum spend of BDS$1,600 and accommodates up to 16 people

    N.B. There will be an additional 5% Service Charge for all V.I.P Booth Tabs

At Sugar Ultra Lounge, there is an elevated LED strip dedicated to V.I.P Tables that overlooks the dance floor. This area also offers bottle service hostesses all night. V.I.P Tables require a minimum party of six (6) persons or a maximum party of forty (40) persons. Similar to the operation of the V.I.P Booths, Tables require a minimum spend of BDS$100.00 per person.

N.B. There will be an additional 5% Service Charge for all V.I.P Table Tabs

– Full payment must be received two (2) days in advance in order to confirm your reservation of your V.I.P Booth or Table

– Entry Fee is waived for V.I.P persons and fast-track access is provided through the V.I.P entrance. Great for bypassing those long lines!!

– Payment represents a minimum spend that is 100% redeemable in alcohol/chasers by the bottle which you may pre-order or order from the Hostess assisting you at your V.I.P Booth/Table on the night of your visit

– Additional persons to be added to your V.I.P Booth/Table will cost BDS$100.00 per person which is added to your available spend for your V.I.P Booth/Table (and thus 100% redeemable in alcohol and chasers)

– There will be an additional 5% service charge added to all V.I.P Tabs

– V.I.P Booth/Table patrons can choose any bottle of alcohol or chaser stocked by Sugar to add to their tab to reach and exceed their minimum spend

– For every bottle purchased, V.I.P Booth/Table patrons will receive two (2) complimentary jugs of chaser chosen from the following options: Soda, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Tonic and Water. A selection of Juices are also available at a cost and may be added to your tab

– You have an option for any remaining alcohol to be tagged for one (1) month at Sugar. This alcohol can be requested by the bar or hostess on your return as a general patron or V.I.P patron



V.I.P Area

Sugar Ultra Lounge also offers a fast-tracking package. At a premium door price, this package allows you to be fast-tracked through the V.I.P door avoiding long lines and waiting times and provides access to an exclusive V.I.P area that separates you from the crowd. Take advantage of this offer to bypass those lines!

N.B. This area does not provide private hostesses and bottle service. See V.I.P Booths and V.I.P Tables for hostesses and bottle service.