Lucky - Sunnyrainbowflower - Helluva Boss (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own] (2024)

Blitzø was pretty sure he was the luckiest imp in Hell. The reason? He had a few.

For starters, he got to work at the company he managed to create with two of his best friends. Blitzø was still getting used to that, to call them his friends, but M&M were both very vocal about fact that he should consider them such. Also, his relationship with Moxxie had gotten way better. They still argued sometimes, but he actively tried to listen to him more and cut the insults, and Moxxie did the same. And when even talking and listening didn’t suffice, Millie would intervene and remind them that Blitzø might be her boss and Moxxie her husband, but she was not afraid to put them both on timeout like misbehaving children. Blitzø adored her.

Another thing that made Blitzø feel f*cking lucky was his daughter. Loona was growing to become an amazing hound, strong, independent and, although she liked to pretend otherwise, caring. Blitzø loved her a ton and knew she felt the same. They were thinking about moving to a bigger house, now that they could afford it, but there was just a tiny problem. Well, not a problem, per se, just a Goetian prince who was trying his best to move Blitzø and his daughter permanently into his big ass mansion. And Blitzø was trying to fight it, really, but Stolas kept bringing to the table very convincing arguments. Like his big ass TV and comfy couch or his bed that Blitzø knew from experience to be soft as a cloud.

Point was, Blitzø was still struggling with the concept of Stolas actually wanting him and his feelings being reciprocated. So, maybe moving in after less than a year of actual dating was a little too soon. However, every time he woke up next to Stolas, every time he felt his soft hooting as he was sleeping and then witnessed the exact moment when his breathing pattern changed and deep, red eyes opened and met his...It was really hard not to immediately give in to Stolas’ offer.

When months prior Stolas gave him the Asmodean Crystal on the full moon, cutting him free of their deal and giving him the choice he didn’t give him before, Blitzø’s world shattered. A the time, that had felt like the worst refusal. Like Stolas hadn’t wanted to see him anymore, like he had gotten tired even of f*cking him.

In hindsight, Blitzø realized what a self absorbed idiot he had been. Stolas wasn’t pushing him away, he was giving them both the possibility to build something that wasn’t based on deception, half truths and mutual exploitation, but on communication, honesty...and love. But at the time it had taken him a week of moping on his couch and consuming basically only what Loona force fed him, before his daughter had enough of his self-pity and called an intervention.

M&M arrived first. They dragged him to the bathroom and into the bathtub, forcing him to take an actual shower, and had him eat a full meal again, and that helped.

However, Blitzø knew that the one responsible of digging him out of the pit of self-loathing he had buried himself into, was Fizz. His friend pushed down his walls one by one, and Blitzø felt stripped naked for the first time since he was in the circus, where he hadn’t needed to wear a mask, over an armour, over a sh*t ton of face paint in order not to let himself get hurt.

As soon as Fizz arrived at his apartment, he sent Loona, Millie and Moxxie out for coffee, sat with him on his ratty couch, took one look at Blitzø’s face and said “Tell me everything”. And Blitzø did, too tired and drained after days of crying and being alone with his thoughts to feel self-conscious about his secrets and emotions finally being out in the open.

So, he talked about the circus and the accident, about what he was going to say to Fizz that night because, f*ck it, might as well. Fizz’s eyes widened and his grip on Blitzø’s hand tightened when the truth about Blitzø’s feelings was out, but he said nothing and let him continue. But in the end, what was there to say? Yes, Blitzø had loved him once, but that had been a lifetime before. Fizz had his royal big co*ck now and they were happy.

However, Blitzø still told him, because that was the reason why he didn’t want to get too close to people and fall in love. Because, since that day, he had been convinced that his love for Fizz had been what had caused the fire and hurt so many of the people he cared about.

That’s why he kept his distance. He didn’t want to do to someone else what he had done to his childhood sweetheart. Or, Lucifer help him, to his mother .

“You know that’s a load of bullsh*t, right?” asked Fizz, after Blitzø told him that, and the imp snorted wetly “I wish I didn’t believe that, trust me. But I keep hurting people, Fizz”

“You idiot. It’s not your love that’s hurting people, it’s your inability to get out of that f*cking head of yours and actually talk with them and listen for a change” Blitzø was about to deny that accusations, but then he stopped, and closed his mouth. Oh.

Raising an eyebrow, Fizz smiled “Exactly”

Long story short, it took time, tears and a f*ck ton of patience on Fizz’s part that Blitzø sometimes still didn’t think he had deserved, but his friend managed to pull him out of his head. Fizz hugged him, and Blitzø cried all the tears he had left, and then he fell asleep cuddled to his childhood best friend on his crappy couch.

That episode was the beginning of what Blitzø like to refer to as his “Redemption arc”.

It wasn’t immediate, but finally one day, after another long and teary talk, he and Stolas managed to mend things. And although it took them nearly a month to both be ready to try dating for real, in the end they did it. And Satan, if Stolas was a sap before, after gaining complete freedom, Blitzø found himself so pampered and spoiled that it was a miracle he didn’t melt on a daily basis.

At the beginning, he tried hard to give Stolas the same kind of treatment, but he quickly understood that it wasn’t something he was able to do. That had threatened to make him spiral into overthinking and self-loathing again, but like every time that happened, he remembered Fizz’s words, and told Stolas about his worries. And you know what happened? Nothing. Hell didn’t freeze over and Stolas didn’t hate him, on the contrary. They had this f*cking wholesome conversation about love languages and how it didn’t matter to Stolas that Blitzø expressed love in a different way than him, he was still going to shower him in affection and gifts.

So yeah, Blitzø was lucky. He was dating a smoking hot Goetian prince that loved him (holy sh*t) just as he was, had a daughter and friends that loved him (seriously, HOLY sh*t ) and a work that he liked.

It was just...sometimes he felt like there was something that was missing. Or, not exactly missing, but more like something that he wanted that was close, but just out of reach. He couldn’t understand. He had everything an imp could desire, and much more, so what was that feeling of...longing?

And then, a night like the others, he realized.

He and Stolas were lying in bed, cuddled together, Blitzø’s face resting on Stolas soft, feathery chest, and at his owl’s request, Blitzø was telling him the whole story of two childhood best friends who grew up in the circus together.

“You loved him a lot, didn’t you?” Stolas said after Blitzø finished his story, and the imp blushed and nodded against his chest “Yes” he said then, realizing that Stolas couldn’t probably see him from his position above him.

And then, Stolas spoke again “You know that it’s alright if you still do, right?”


Blitzø leaned back, looking up and meeting Stolas glowing eyes in the near darkness “Well, of course I do. I mean, he’s my best friend” he said then, traitorous heart beating a mile a minute because it realized what Stolas was implying way before his brain did.

Smiling down at him, the owl prince gently cupped his cheek and Blitzø instinctively leaned into his touch “Of course my dear, but that’s not what I meant, and you know that”

Blitzø fought the panic raising in his chest. What the actual f*ck?

“But I’m not...I don’t...” Blitzø growled, frustrated with his inability to put thoughts into words. But Stolas, amazing, caring and sweet Stolas, just kissed him on his forehead and smiled at him again “I’m sorry if my words agitated you, dear, but by the way you speak of him and how I see you act around him, I got the impression you still felt something for Fizzarolli. And I just wanted to let you know that that’s okay by me”

No more words were said that night, Blitzø needing time to process and Stolas happily holding him close as he hid his face in his chest and finally fell asleep, lulled by his soft hoots.

That night, however, Blitzø’s dreams were plagued by visions of his past, faces and voices of his present and the hopeful future he could only let himself consider when his eyes were closed. Morning came with an insistent ringing, that as soon as Blitzø opened his eyes he linked to his phone. Groaning, he rolled and dragged himself in Stolas’ giant bed trying to reach the bedside table.

Stolas was nowhere in sight, probably already up and waiting for Blitzø in the kitchen, or on his way to get them breakfast in bed. He had servants and cooks, but he usually preferred to cook for Blitzø himself, the sap.

After a couple of attempts Blitzø managed to grab his phone without dropping it, but in the meantime the ringing had stopped. As soon as the screen was in his line of sight, he squinted trying to make sense of the caller ID, his eyes still getting used to the morning light filtering from the open window.

As he finally registered Fizz’s contact name at the top of his missed calls, a text message notification showed up.

IT sexy twin 🎈

Don’t tell me you’re still asleep you f*cker, it’s noon 🙄

Btw Ozzie needs to attend to some dumb event in Sloth and said I cannot go with him 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 he won’t be back until tomorrow morning, wanna come here and keep me company?

Blitzø had to blink a couple of times in order to register the words, but as soon as he did his heart did a stupid little flip. Oh f*ck, Stolas was right, wasn’t he.

“Christ on a f*cking stick” he grumbled, his head flopping down in the warm bed as he fought the instinct to scream.

“Blitzyyyy I made coffee” Obviously Stolas choose that exact moment to enter the room, in his hands a tray filled with deliciously smelling pastries, and a pot of coffee and mugs floating behind him. Blitzø loved him so much and he hoped the stupid, lovesick smile he gave him as soon as he managed to raise his head from the bed was enough to convey that to him.

“Is everything okay darling?” Stolas asked as he sat on the bed, depositing the tray and floating Blitzø’s mug directly into the imp’s waiting hands.

“Coffe first” Blitzø said, and Stolas complied, merely co*cking his head to the side and regarding him curiously.

As Blitzø sipped his coffee and munched on a pastry, his phone screen lighted up with another message from Fizz. Oh for f*cks sake.

IT sexy twin🎈

AH I can see that you’re online, answer meeeeeeeee

Come on we can watch sh*tty movies in Asmodeus’ new home cinema and order a sh*t ton of take out

Daddy’s paying 😏😏

“Is that Fizz?” asked Stolas, as Blitzø’s phone lighted up for the tenth time. Damn Fizz and his habit to send a million texts to say a single thing “Urghhhhhhh” said Blitzø eloquently, flopping back on the bed and looking up at the ceiling “Yup”

“Why aren’t you answering then?”

Blitzø didn’t answer. But Stolas’s canopy didn’t offer him any answers as well, so he asked Stolas something instead “Did you mean it? What you said last night. About Fizz” Silence. Then, Stolas face entered his field of vision, upside down over him. He was smiling.

“Of course I did dear. If something were to happen between the two of you, that would be perfectly fine by me” he said, his voice soft, and Blitzø felt some of his tension ease. Still. Was it really okay for him to want this? To want Fizz, who had already someone who loved and cherished him like Blitzø could never do? Was it really okay, after all he had, to want him too?

Did he really deserve it?

“Darling I can hear you overthinking. Talk to me” Stolas’ voice was what broke Blitzø out of his thoughts. He shook his head and finally sat up, brushing a hand on his face “Sorry, you’re right. It’s just...I still sometimes feel like I don’t deserve all I have. Like I don’t, especially” he said then and he could feel that Stolas wanted to interrupt him and reassure him, but he didn’t, and for that Blitzø was grateful. Stolas recognized the fact that he couldn’t magically stop hating himself overnight, but he was trying, and that’s what counted.

“So, it’s hard to let myself want this too, want... want him. I spent years telling myself that my love was what ruined him, then telling myself I was finally over him when I met you. And then we’re friends again, and f*ck...” Stolas hugged him then, lightly, in case he wanted to pull away, but Blitzø relaxed into his arms and sighed.

“You should answer him” Stolas said after a moment, gently scratching the base of his horns, and Blitzø nodded, reaching for his phone.

IT sexy twin🎈

Sorry for being a pain in the ass, I know you’re probably busy, it’s okay if you can’t come

I’ll just try Ozzie’s new toys and send him videos while he’s in the meeting 😏😏

u brat


srry im at stols. btw yea bee there in 2


2 hurs u idiot


After a mild breakdown, another pep talk from Stolas and a make out session that turned into a quick but extremely satisfying f*ck, Blitzø made a brief pit stop at his house to wash up and pack his things and was then ready to hit the elevator to the Lust ring.

Five minutes before the two hours he estimated were up, he was standing at the entrance of Asmodeus big ass mansion. Under the rain. Without an umbrella. Because of f*cking course it would rain in Lust (at least it wasn’t acid rain like in the pride ring). That didn’t stop him from stalling.

f*ck, he was nervous. He was standing with his phone in his hand, ready to tell Fizz that he had arrived, but he kept hesitating . Logically, he knew that just because Stolas was okay with him having feelings for Fizz, it didn’t mean that he had to immediately act on them. But at the same time, he had never been good at hiding his feelings from his best friend and he was sure Fizz was going to figure out something was up. And there was a limited quantity of bullsh*tting he could get away with before Fizz called him out on it.

“What the f*ck are you doing just standing there under the rain you idiot?” Blitzø jumped, caught off guard, and raised his head, following his best friend voice only to realise it was coming from the interphone at the entrance.

“Waiting until the two hours are up, so that I can be fashionably late. Obviously” he said, trying to mask his anxiety. He probably wasn’t doing a good job, but oh well.

“Okay diva. Stay there, I’ll come get you”

And staying there Blitzø did, fidgeting and trying to get his nerves under control, until the big ass door of the big ass mansion/skyscraper/palace opened, and Fizz was standing there, looking f*cking adorable in his pastel blue oversized shirt that fell just shy of his thighs and matching hat. And then Fizz was pulling him inside and into a hug. Because they were friends and friends hugged when they met and Blitzø should stop freaking out and hug Fizz back before the imp noticed something wasn’t right with him.

So, he hugged Fizz back, and when they pulled back after a moment, his friend was frowning “You idiot you’re drenched”

Blitzø shrugged and followed Fizz up the entrance stairs and past a couple of unimpressed doormen. Then, into a massive elevator, where the liftgirl pressed the button named “Residence”.

“At least the rain here isn’t acid” he commented, and Fizz snorted, shaking his head, but said nothing more until the elevator stopped and the door opened “Have a pleasing day” the incubus said in parting, then the doors closed, and he and Fizz were alone. In the king of Lust apartment.

Blitzø’s head was starting to spin.

“Come on, I’ll lend you some clothes. Unless you want to put your pyjama on. I won’t judge if it’s covered in horses” Fizz said, locking his arm with Blitzø’s and guiding him through Asmodeus’ big ass apartment.

Blitzø snorted “Bold of you to assume I don’t just sleep in my boxers” he said then, earning an eye roll from Fizz “Figures”

Soon they arrived before a door with a golden plate attached in the center.

‘Asmodeus & Fizzarolli’s room ️’

Urgh. Cheesy.

Fizz stretched his arm and opened the door, and a moment later Blitzø was inside the den of Lust.


Despite him and Fizz being on friendly terms again, that was the first time he got inside his and Ozzie’s room. Usually they stuck to the living room, or the dining room.

He had to say, it was nothing like he had imagined. Yes sure, there were a couple of sex toys used as knick-knacks and he was pretty sure the hooks over the big ass bed had interesting uses, but that was pretty tame all in all. He was about to say just that to Fizz, when his friend stopped and turned around, coming to stand before him.

“Take off your clothes”



What ?!”

Blitzø could distinctly feel himself blush, but Fizz only rolled his eyes and smirked at him, the bastard.

“Gimme your wet clothes so that I can hang them to dry. Pervert”

Blitzø wanted to retort that the pervert was obviously Fizz, knowing exactly how his words could have been interpreted, but that would have meant admitting that his best friend’s words actually did something for him...which was absolutely true but also something Fizz didn’t need to know.

So, he said nothing and quickly took off his wet clothes, throwing them at Fizz’s face in spite.

“Satisfied?” Blitzø said then, down to his underwear (thank Satan he had opted for simple black briefs that day with no embarrassing patterns) gaze not meeting Fizz’s, telling himself he had no reason to feel self conscious. Hell, Fizz had seen him in his underwear countless times when they were in the circus, so he didn’t certainly expect the other to have much of a reaction. That was why, as he looked up and at his friend, he was surprised to see him avert his eyes, sporting what looked like a slight blush on his cheeks.

Oh .

“The dresser on the opposite side of the bed, third drawer from the top, see if you find something to wear” he said then, turning on his heels, Blitzø’s wet clothes in his arms, going in the direction of what Blitzø imagined to be the en-suite. Forcing himself into motion Blitzø went towards the drawer, trying not to let what just happened get to his head too much.

“The third one. Not the second” Fizz’s voice came from behind him just as Blitzø was, in fact, opening the wrong drawer. Oops.

“What’s in the second one?” he asked, as he opened the correct drawer and started going through perfectly folded house wear.

“My lingerie” Fizz deadpanned, not a ounce of humour in his voice, and Blitzø coughed, his cheeks burning with embarrassment. Okay not opening that one for sure.

“Is every piece of clothing you own pastel colour, you twink?” he said then, trying to change the subject.

“It’s not my fault that you have no sense of style” Fizz scoffed, raising an eyebrow at him when he took out of the dresser a pair of pink pastel shorts and a matching crop top with ‘Babyboy’ written in light blue “Seriously?” he said, and Blitzø was treated to another light blush on his friend’s cheeks as he put the outfit on. U hm.

“Hey, when in Lust, dress like the lustful, or something like that”

As Fizz was refolding the clothes he had messed up, Blitzo went to his bag and took out his phone, looking at himself with the camera, and you know what, not bad at all. He should wear crop tops more often, they highlighted his abs. He snapped a couple of selfies and sent one to Stolas.

Stols ❤️✨

Wat do u think? Borroweed Fizzis cloths cuz mine ar wet

Blitzy 🥹🥹🥹❤️❤️❤️ you look just ADORABLE I want to smother you with kisses 🥹🥹❤️ but also, your ABS? 🥴🥴🥴🥴🤤🤤🤤 Is my little imp trying to impress someone? 👀👀👀

Thx. And idk maybee.

“Say hi to Stolas for me” Fizz’s voice shook him out of his thoughts and Blitz raised his head, finding that Fizz had finally finished to fold his clothes and was waiting for him, smiling knowingly. Blitzø did, and then without waiting for Stolas’ answer, he locked his phone and looked at Fizz expectantly.

“Soooo what about the new home cinema”


Asmodeus’ home cinema was, in fact, massive and Blitzø wished he could have enjoyed it a bit more. But into the second season of some sh*tty TV show that had no plot whatsoever, he was struggling to concentrate; Fizz was making it really difficult. He kept touching him, leaning into him as he laughed, pressing his head into his shoulder. Which were all extremely normal things to do with your best friend, but Blitzø guessed that the realization that his feelings for Fizz were still alive and kicking, made him perceive things differently. Or maybe Fizz was actually flirting with him. Mh.

Yeah right, as if.

In any case, Blitzø was feeling extremely stupid because how the f*ck hadn’t he realized that his feelings for Fizz hadn’t gone away at all, but, on the contrary, had come back with vengeance now that they were friends again?

By the time dinner time came, Blitzø wasn’t feeling very hungry, his stomach full of stupid, fluttering butterflies, but he forced himself to eat, not wanting Fizz to grow suspicious. They shared Sushi on the couch, show still playing in the background and, stupid anxiety aside, it was nice. Blitzø really loved those quiet moments between them, when they didn’t feel the need to speak to fill the silence.

By the time they finished eating and were sipping their bubble teas, Blitzø had finally managed to calm down again. Fizz was leaning on him, head resting on his shoulder, but Blitzø was handling that perfectly. In fact, he was so invested in the fiction playing on the ridiculously big screen, that when he suddenly felt something touching his tail where it was resting by his side on the couch, he jumped, and his head immediately snapped in that direction, eyes searching for the cause.

However instead of any kind of external disturbance, Blitzø found the culprit of the touch in Fizz’s own tail, which was slowly wrapping around his own. And, you see, touching tails was not something they did.

Hugging? Sure. Holding hands? Even that had occasionally happened. But touching tails? That was for lovers, that was something M&M did and for which Blitzø teased them endlessly.

For imps, touching tails was more or less like kissing. So, when Blitzø realized what was happening, he froze. But maybe Fizz was doing it subconsciously? Maybe he did it with Asmodeus feathery tail and he was doing it without thinking, on muscle memory? Yes, that must be it.

So, he stole a look to Fizz’s face, needing to make sure that was the case. However, instead of looking at the screen and being invested in the shop, his friend was looking right back at him, smiling shyly.

Oh. He knew.

See, Blitzø supposed that, had his brain not been so f*cked up as it was, that could have been it. The moment . See, he would have smiled back, moved closer to Fizz, probably kissed him. Because that was it, right? Fizz actually wanted him back.

But Blitzø...well he was still working on himself and he still had some moments he wasn’t exactly proud of, when his instinct to remove himself from a situation of emotional vulnerability won. That proved to be one of those moments.

As soon as his eyes met Fizz’s, he jolted back, cheeks burning hot, and two things happened simultaneously: his bubble tea exploded on him, and he fell off the couch.

Blitzø ?!”

Fizz worried voice accompanied him on his way down to the floor, but Blitzø didn’t stuck around long enough to see what he was going to do next. He jumped to his feet and fled the room, throwing a panicked “Wet your clothes, sorry, gonna change, second drawer right? Ah ah ah be right back!” behind him.

f*ck. f*ck f*ck f*ckety f*ck. So, Fizz actually was flirting. Okay . That was fine. That was perfectly fine . It wasn’t like Blitzø just panicked and fled the room when his childhood crush and best friend was basically tail-smooching him, acting like he had hated that. f*ck himself and f*ck his stupid brain.

Lost in his mind and too busy cursing himself, he didn’t realise he had actually opened the wrong drawer until he was faced with something that distinctly weren’t clothes. And no, it wasn’t lingerie either.

In the second drawer of Fizz dresser there was...a binder. A binder, with nothing written on the front. Listen, Blitzø wouldn’t have opened it normally. He wasn’t that kind of guy. However, peeking from between the pages, something that looked like a picture caught his attention.

So, taking the binder into his hands, he opened it to the page where the picture was, and immediately felt his head spin so hard that he had to sit on the floor.

He recognized that picture. It had been taken the day of Fizz’s birthday, a polaroid of them standing close together, smiling at the camera. It had been taken only moments before Blitzø went to retrieve his letter for Fizz. The rest was f*cked up history.

The two friends smiling in the picture had no idea of what was waiting for them. They looked happy. Blitzø could feel tears welling up in his eyes, because even though he and Fizz had made up, there was no way that they could perfectly mend the wounds of the past. They both had lost so much during that night, and even though Blitzø was starting to understand that blaming himself for everything that had happened wasn’t going to change the past nor make him or Fizz feel any better, it was still hard as f*ck to live with that baggage.

“I threw that picture away, you know” Fizz’s voice startled Blitzø, and he turned around, coming face to face with his friend. He hadn’t heard him come into the room “Crumpled it in a fit of rage and threw it in the junk, even though it was one of the only pictures that I had of myself from before the fire. Then I cried the whole day” Blitzø looked at the picture again and yes, if you looked closely enough you could see the damage.

Fizz sat down beside him then and wordlessly gave him a tissue, so that Blitzø could wipe his tears “But Ozzie found it, repaired it to the best of his abilities and kept it safe. He gave it back to me only when you and me made up. f*ck, I cried so much when I found out it wasn’t lost” a bitter laugh came from Fizz then, and Blitzø couldn’t help but lean against him, searching for contact. Needing to know he was still wanted.

When Fizz pressed back against him, Blitzø sighed with relief “But this picture is not the only memory I have here” said Fizz then, turning the pages of the binder that was still in Blitzø’s hands. Inside there were other pictures, flyers of the circus, tickets and other memories Fizz had been able to save from the fire. Then, in one of the last pages was something Blitzø never thought he would see again “When you told me about the letter, I should have said something, but I...”

There, inside a transparent folder, there was his letter. Or, a piece of paper that was burnt in so many places that it was barely recognizable as such anymore. However, for Blitzø it was unmistakable.

“ did you find this” he asked, running his fingertips along the plastic protecting the paper. Only a couple of phrases were legible on the ruined paper, and not without straining the eyes. The signature at the end was illegible, but the closing was still understandable.

‘Keep being amazing, okay? Happy birthday Fizz’

“As soon as I could walk again, I went back there, to the camp” said Fizz then, taking a shaky breath “Everyone advised me against it, but I did it anyway. I needed to see for myself if everything had really been destroyed” Blitzø averted his gaze hearing those words. Because he too went back to the camp shortly after the fire, and he knew what Fizz must have seen.

“ was worse than I imagined. But, I still found some things there. Pictures, posters...and this letter” Blitzø risked looking back at Fizz then. The other imp was running his fingers on the page, a small smile curving his lips “I didn’t know who wrote this letter until you told me, that day at yours. Then, everything made sense” Fizz turned towards him then, blushing and with his lip caught between his teeth, and Blitzø swore his heart skipped a beat. sh*t.

“Blitzø, listen I...I wanted to tell you this that same night, but you had a lot going on with Stolas and I didn’t want to put this weight on you, so I promised myself that I would have waited” a shiver run through Blitzø’s body when the other imp moved even closer to him and slotted their fingers together, squeezing his hand lightly.

“If you had confessed that night, I would have said yes”



Blitzø felt his mouth open on its own accord and he knew he must have looked extremely stupid looking at Fizz like that, but words were failing him “I am not telling you this to say that you should have just confessed, and that maybe that would have changed something. I know dwelling on what ifs it’s stupid, but still, I wanted you to know”

Blitzø’s heart was beating so hard he was surprised it hadn’t jumped out of his chest yet “You...” he started, voice breaking, so he cleared his throat and tried again “You liked me too? Seriously?” at that, Fizz snorted, shaking his head “You seriously didn’t notice? Blitzø, I literally hung from your lips. I looked up to you so much”

Saying that Blitzø felt very stupid in that moment was an understatement. He knew he was dense, but f*ck, he had always thought Fizz hadn’t liked him that way. This put things into a whole new light.

“I had no f*cking idea. I was literally ready for rejection that night” he said then, and Fizz shook his head disbelievingly “I knew that you were dense, but Satan, you’re not even a rock, you’re a diamond”

“Shiny and pretty?” teased Blitzø, trying to lighten the atmosphere a bit, and Fizz snorted “Sure, Blitzø, if that makes you feel better” that had them both laugh, and like that, the tension broke. However, Fizz’s hand was still wrapped around his, and Blitzø... didn’t really want to let go either.

“Sorry for startling you before” said Fizz after a moment of silence “With the tail thing” that had Blitzø blush again, embarrassed for the way he had acted. However, he cleared his voice and offered Fizz a tentative smile “No worries. It was just unexpected” he said, not untruthfully.

Fizz averted his gaze then, and Blitzø saw his friends’ tail move, until it was lying close to his own “It’s just that as much as my prosthetics are advanced, my actual skin is still more sensitive. So I’ve come to search for contact with my tail, and I guess I’m just used to doing it with Ozzie”

Blitzø recognized Fizz’s explanation for what it was. His friend was giving him an exit, he was telling him ‘Whatever happened, you can ignore it, I will back down and we can go on like I wasn’t about to jump you. But you know what, Blitzø was pretty tired of running. So, he told himself ‘What the hell’ and decided that if Fizz could be brave, then he too could make an effort to be less emotionally constipated than usual.

So, carefully, he overlapped his tail with Fizz’s, and immediately, his friend’s tail moved, instinctively tangling with his. Only then Blitzø raised his head, and fighting his blush he met Fizz’s gaze. And f*ck, he was blushing too, all bashful and adorable. Blitzø wanted to kiss him so badly.

Wait, wait, hold on a f*cking minute.

However, now that the thought was inside Blitzø’s head, he couldn’t seem to let it go. But who could blame him. He was tail tangled with his best friend and lifelong crush, who has just admitted to have had feelings for him as a teenager and who had spent the day flirting with him. That meant he probably still liked him, right? Maybe? About 50/50 chances?

Listen, Blitzø was trying to give this optimism thing a chance, but it wasn’t exactly easy for him.

But back to his current predicament. Once the thought of kissing made its way into his brain, he couldn’t seem to think of anything else. His gaze unintentionally travelled from Fizz’s eyes to his lips, only for a moment, damn he really wanted to kiss him. It was only a second, then he averted his eyes, hoping Fizz hadn’t noticed. But as soon as he met his friend’s gaze, Blitzø cursed inwardly. Busted .

Fizz was looking back at him with his eyes open wide, but he wasn’t pulling away, so Blitzø didn’t either. And then, an handful of seconds later, so fast thst Blitzø wouldn’t have noticed hadn’t he been looking at him so closely, Fizz’s gaze fell on his lips.

sh*t . Okay, f*ck it all, Blitzø couldn’t take it anymore.

“Fizz, f*ck, please tell me I’m not imagining things because I’m about to do something extremely stupid and I would really appreciate if you didn’t punch me in the face” Blitzø said this all in one breath, but as soon as the words left his mouth, Fizz was on his knees and leaning towards him.

“f*cking finally ” and then he was pressing his lips on Blitzø’s, and they were kissing.

sh*t, Blitzø was so nervous that he couldn’t even concentrate on the actual kissing, his brain was a complete mess, his inner voice screaming intelligibly. f*ck, he and Fizz were kissing. It was happening.

sh*t sh*t sh*t.

“Stop thinking and kiss me back you idiot” mumbled Fizz against his lips, freeing Blitzø’s hand so that he could wrap his arms around him. Looking him in the eyes, he pulled him close “Talk later, kiss now” so, kiss they did.

Initial awkwardness and anxiety gone, Blitzø could finally enjoy the feeling of holding Fizz close, of his warmth all around him, of his taste on his lips. It felt so new, holding him that way, but it also filled Blitzø with so much nostalgia.

Fizz felt like the nights they used to spend together cuddled close on their beds, sharing secrets and making up stories. He felt like all the times they performed together, and Fizz trusted him to catch him when he jumped. Fizz tasted like the sour candy they shared underneath the covers, and the booze they used to steal from Blitzø’s dad when they were stupid teenagers who couldn’t handle alcohol, nor feelings.

They were teenagers no more, and they still struggled with feelings, but Fizz? Fizz tasted like home.

They kissed for what felt like hours, but were probably only a couple of minutes, until Fizz started to move closer to him, basically climbing into his lap, and that was when Blitzø’s brain caught up with him “Wait, wait” he gasped, pulling back and meeting Fizz’s eyes. f*ck, the way he was looking at him didn’t help him calm down “I know coming from me it’s probably crazy, but, could we talk about this?” saying this, he gestured to the best of his abilities between them.

Fizz rolled his eyes, but complied, sitting back and freeing Blitzø from the prison of his crazy strong robotic arms “Okay but let’s sit on the bed, my ass is starting to hurt sitting on the floor” he said then, climbing to his feet, and then helping Blitzø up too. He also helped him getting on the bed, pulling him up, and then fell back on the soft covers, pulling Blitzø with him. The way they lied down on their sides, facing each other, reminded Blitzø so much of their nights together in their tent that he felt his heart ache.

“So” he started, but now that he had Fizz’s attention, he didn’t know what to say.

“So” Fizz parroted him, grinning, and Blitzø wanted to wipe that sh*t eating grin off his face. Preferably with his own mouth. Blitzø took a deep breath. Okay, be responsible and respectful, he could do this.

“Okay the important things first so that I can assure that my dick will remain attached to my body: Asmodeus does know about this, right?” Blitzø was pretty sure about Fizz’s answer, but nonetheless when the imp nodded, most of the tension left his body.

“Yes, he knows I have feelings for you, and he knows that I was planning to act on them, and he’s okay with whatever could happen between us” Fizz said then, slotting their fingers together where their hands were splayed on the bed between them. Then, he found Blitzø’s tail with his and tangled them together again “Does Stolas know?”

At Fizz’s question, Blitzø couldn’t help but let out a laugh “f*ck, he knew before me. He was the one making me realise I still had feelings for you. He told me that’s okay, whatever happens “

“Okay, so what’s holding you back?” asked Fizz then, running his thumb in circles on Blitzø’s hand and smiling. Because of course he had realized Blitzø was still holding himself back some.

“This is going to sound stupid” he said, sighing and averting his gaze. Fizz said nothing but squeezed his hand lightly in silent support, so he took a deep breath and continued “I just feel like I’ve gotten so lucky to have what I have, you know? Stolas, Luna, M&M, I.M.P...and you, back into my life. So it’s hard to let myself want more” he paused then, feeling his cheeks burning in embarrassment “I mean, you already have big Ozzie, who treats you like a princess, why would you want... ouch Fizz, that was uncalled for” Fizz had tugged sharply on his tail, effectively shutting him up.

“Sorry, you were starting to spew bullsh*t” was Fizz’s explanation, accompanied with an eye roll.

“I told you that was going to sound stupid!” Blitzø’s argument didn’t seem convincing enough, if the look Fizz gave him was any indication “There’s stupid, and then there’s downright idiotic. Blitzø, I know you’re not going to treat me the same way Ozzie does, and I don’t want you to. I’m also pretty sure you wouldn’t want me acting like Stolas does” Blitzø shivered at that because, no. Stolas was Stolas and the mere thought of Fizz treating him the way the owl did made him cringe.

“Okay I got your point” he said then, smiling, and Fizz smiled back, leaning in and head-butting him lightly “Good. So now that we’ve established that we both want this and no dicks are getting damaged in the process, would you mind putting your tongue back into my mouth? Please and thank you”

Snorting, Blitzø put his hand on Fizz’s hip and pulled him closer with a sharp tug. The way the imp immediately blushed wasn’t lost on him “Alright”

As soon as their lips met, Blitzø felt Fizz smile against his mouth. He could relate. He too felt pretty f*cking happy in that moment. Kissing Fizz was like everything he had imagined, and so much more, and he was already getting addicted to the whiny sounds the imp made when he run his teeth on his lip and tongue.

When they pulled back to take a breath, Fizz run the tip of his fingers on Blitzø’s shirt “It’s still wet” he said, looking at him with a barely suppressed grin, and okay, Blitzø could take a hint. Sitting up on the bed, he wasted no time in taking his shirt off “Here. Better?”

Sitting up too, Fizz made no effort to hide the way his eyes run on Blitzø’s bare chest “Much better” he said, and then smiled cheekily “But you know, I think some got on your pants too” Oh that damn brat.

Blitzø rolled his eyes, but he was too giddy and happy to be too difficult, so he just took off his pants as well, throwing them off the bed to join his shirt, and as his pants hit the floor, Blitzø’s back was hitting the bed.

Fizz lost no time in straddling Blitzø, kissing down his neck and running his hands down his body, from his shoulders to his stomach “f*ck Fizz, slow down, we have time” said Blitzø, gasping as Fizz sat back on his lap. f*ck, he was so hard already, and with the was Fizz was sitting directly on his co*ck, he was sure his friend could tell “I know. I don’t care”

Okay, okay, okay, so Fizz was a bit of a brat, big surprise there. Blitzø could do brats, he could handle it. So, bringing his hands on Fizz’s hips, he teased the place where his night shirt ended, running his thumbs just under the hemline, raking it up enough to feel with his fingers the hint of Fizz’s underwear. Uh, lace. Nice.

That seemed to slow Fizz’s assault on Blitzø’s body enough to have him look Blitzø in the eyes again. And as soon as he had his attention, Blitzø spoke. “You say that, but you’re still dressed. Don’t you think that’s a little unfair?”

Listen, Blitzø knew that his bed voice was sexy, Stolas made a point of regularl y reminding him of that, but the was Fizz trembled in his hands? Instant self esteem burst. Biting his lip and without breaking eye contact, his friend pressed back into Blitzø’s hands “Take it off then”

Grinning, Blitzø complied. Running his hands under Fizz’s shirt, he rucked it up, until it was resting around his chest. Only then, Fizz leaned back and Blitzø followed, sitting up and taking the shirt all the way off. He was careful not to take Fizz’s hat off, however. Not because he didn’t want to see, but because he wanted to give Fizz the choice to remove it only if he felt like it. If Fizz noticed, he said nothing about it, just smiling and sitting back, giving Blitzø a really nice view.

Running his hands on Fizz’s thighs, where prosthetic gave way to warm skin, Blitzø wrapped them loosely around the imp slender waist, playing with the lace of his underwear, pulling on the sides teasingly, looking at the way Fizz co*ck was straining the cute lilac panties. At least he wasn’t the only one who had gotten a little too worked up from their make out session. Licking his lips, Blitzø raised his gaze, and found Fizz’s already looking at him “Lemme suck you off?”

His friend smiled, biting his lip and thrusting down teasingly on Blitzø’s co*ck “But what if I wanted to suck you off first?” He asked, and Blitzø raised an eyebrow at him “That eager to get my co*ck into your mouth?” Fizz snorted at that, and pushing on Blitzø’s chest, he made him lie down again on the bed “Honestly? Yes. Why, aren’t you?” And Blitzo didn’t even try to deny it. He just smiled back at Fizz and pressed his hands on his chest “Let’s just compromise and 69, then”

As strong as Fizz’s arms and legs were, catching him unprepared, Blitzø was still able to push him back on the bed and reverse their positions. Then, wasting no time, he took his briefs off. The way Fizz’s eyes widened was a bit comical.

“f*ck Blitzø, you’re lucky I’m a pro because that’s not average at all ” if Blitzø thought he couldn’t blush any harder, he was mistaken, because Fizz’s words made his cheeks positively burn “Come on, you sleep with the literal king of lust, this can’t be that impressive” he said, while he busied himself with taking off Fizz’s panties, licking his lips appreciatively when his co*ck came finally fully into view.

“Yes, and that’s the perfect basis for comparison. Now come here and lemme choke on that co*ck” The way Fizz said that while making grabby hands at him made Blitzø snort out a laugh, but as soon as he was turning around, straddling his friend’s head, the laughter got stuck in his throat “ f*ck Fizz ” he choked out, head coming to rest atop Fizz thigh, while he took a moment to get used to the feeling of his friend’s mouth on his co*ck. Fizz had his hands on his ass and he wasted no time in pressing him down and into his mouth, tongue wrapped around Blitzø’s co*ck, swallowing around him eagerly.

Taking a deep, steadying breath, Blitzø finally took Fizz’s co*ck into his hand and guided it to his lips and into his mouth. f*ck, it felt so f*cking good. Blitzø loved receiving, don’t get him wrong, but for him giving in bed was the biggest turn on ever. So, getting blown while he did the same to someone else at the same time? Best f*cking feeling ever. Besides, Fizz was the perfect size to fit perfectly into his mouth without much effort, so he was enjoying the feeling of his co*ck in his throat a little too much.

“sh*t Fizz, I’m close already” he said, pulling back for a moment as soon as he started to feel the familiar pressure in his groin, and only then Fizz pulled back, Blitzø co*ck slipping out of his mouth with a wet sound that Blitzø shouldn’t have found as hot as he did “Me too. Come on Blitzø, give it to me”

“f*ck, alright ” no more words were exchanged then, the only sounds in the room the filthy ones that came from their mouths working eagerly. Fizz was barely choking on Blitzø’s co*ck and the way he was swallowing him with seemingly no struggle was pushing Blitzø closer and closer to the edge. And then, Fizz started teasing with his fingers the base of Blitzø’s tail, and he was done for. He managed not to let Fizz out of his mouth as he came down his friend’s throat, choking his moans around his co*ck, determined to get him to come too.

Blitzø’s co*ck slipping out of his mouth, Fizz moaned and gave one, two thrusts into Blitzø’s throat before he felt him come on his tongue “f*ck Blitzø that was good ” he said then, sighing deeply and going boneless on the bed, and after licking his lips and turning around, Blitzø joined him “I should be telling that” he said, leaning on his side next to Fizz, tail searching his friend’s and tangling them together.

“I can’t deep throat Ozzie like that unless he shrinks down” Fizz lamented after a moment, and that had Blitzø snort out a laugh “Now you’re making me real curious about what kind of monster he’s packing” he said, hand finding Fizz’s on his chest and playing with his fingers.

“I told you, it’s like a f*cking kaiju. Hey, I’m pretty sure he’ll let you play with it too if you ask nicely” uh. Well, wasn’t that an interesting picture Fizz was painting “Well as long as Stolas is okay with it, why the f*ck not. Who knows, he may even want to join someday”

And wasn’t that a lovely idea. The mere thought of all the things the four of them could do together was enough to get Blitzø on the way to hardness again in no time. And by the way he was lying, leg hooked over Fizz’s and slotted between his, he could feel he wasn’t the only one.

Fizz wasn’t looking at him, so Blitzø leaned in, kissing his neck, lightly biting at the skin “Does the thought of me taking Ozzie’s co*ck turn you on?” Fizz snorted at that, turning his head enough to catch Blitzø’s lips in a kiss “I’d like to see you try, that’s for sure. It took me months to get used to it” Blitzø raised an eyebrow at him “You know I can’t resist a challenge”

Rolling his eyes, Fizz kissed him again, pulling him close until Blitzø was basically lying on him, legs and tails intertwined. They fit like two puzzle pieces, and Blitzø already couldn’t get enough of the feeling of Fizz pressed close to him .

“Hey Blitzø” said Fizz after some time, breaking their kiss and leaning back on the bed “...Yeah?” sh*t how was he supposed to concentrate with Fizz looking up at him like that, kiss swollen lips and half lidden eyes. But a moment later, Fizz’s hand was on his horn and he was tugging at it sharply, which, ow “Concentrate, it’s important”

“Sorry, yeah, what is it?” said Blitzø then, shaking his head and pushing himself up, so that he could look Fizz better in the eyes.

“I want to take off my hat” and okay, Blitzø was immediately sober again “Only if you’re sure. No pressure” he said, sitting back until he was straddling Fizz’s legs, giving him more space. Fizz sat up too then, and smiled at him “I wouldn’t if I wasn’t. I want to” he said, and then he did it again, pushed Blitzø on the bed with his crazy strong arms, and climbed into his lap “And then I’m riding you into the mattress”

And, okay, godf*ckingdamnit . Swallowing, Blitzø brought his hands on Fizz’s waist, trying to stop himself to grind up against him like an animal for two f*cking seconds “It’s hot you know, how desperate you are to f*ck me” Fizz said, as he brought his hands on the hem of his hat and tugged it off, broken horns coming into view.

Blitzø forced himself not to flinch at the view. Because he had made Fizz like that, it was his fault if his beautiful, big horns were broken and cracked. But that moment wasn’t about him, and he didn’t want to make it such. That moment was about Fizz trusting him to see a part of himself which still made himself conscious.

Fizz’s words were bold, but Blitzø knew him too well not to notice the insecurity underlying them. So, swallowing his guilt, he pushed himself up and brought his hands on his friend’s face, pressing a kiss to his forehead “Thank you for trusting me” he said, earnestly. And then, when the smile reappeared of Fizz’s lips, he added, teasingly but not less seriously “You’re f*cking hot Fizz. I mean, my co*ck is rock hard again at just the thought of you sitting on it”

That had his friend snort out a laugh, and Blitzø pretended not to see the way his eyes were definitely wetter than before. Nonetheless, Fizz pulled him back into a kiss, holding him close, and Blitzø felt him relax into his arms “Thank you” he said then, smiling at him, and Blitzø just pressed their lips together again. Satan help him, Blitzø was so smitten it was f*cking ridiculous.

“Do you want to prep me or should I do it?” asked Fizz then, arm flying to the bedside table where there was, absolutely no surprises there, a f*cking massive bottle of lube. Oh well, he supposed it was massive for them, for Asmodeus it must have been pocket size.

“And deprive myself of the joy of fingering you? Nope, not going to happen. Hand me the good stuff and assume you preferred finger f*cking position”

One of the best thing about falling into bed with your childhood best friend- turned enemy turned hero turned somewhat friend again....turned lover holy sh*t- beside the obvious fact that shame was dead between them, was the fact that they were unable to take each other too seriously. Don’t take Blitzø wrong, he loved dirty talk, and he was damn good at it, and sentimental love making was also something he liked and cherished (a new addition that one, thank you Stolas), but being spontaneous and making stupid jokes during sex was proving to be something he didn’t know he was missing so much.

Fizz snorted out a laugh at his words, but then he sat up straight into Blitzø’s lap and took his hand, guiding it between his cheeks, until he felt his claws just shy of his hole “Just like this” he said, voice all low and sexy, wrapping his arms around Blitzø’s shoulders and looking him straight in the eyes, sending a shiver down his back that made his spinal spikes tremble.

“f*ck, okay” cursed Blitzø, squirting lube on his fingers and bringing one hand between Fizz’s cheeks and the other on his hip. He had enough practice doing this with Stolas that he knew perfectly how to make it good. Depending on the occasion, he could be fast, he could be through, or he could be a little sh*t and draw it out until his partner was mewling and begging him to f*ck them or let them come.

With Fizz though, he didn’t think he could hold on for long, and he didn’t think his friend would appreciate it. Not that time, at least. As soon as he got one finger inside, Fizz was already pushing back against his hand, asking for more.

“Come on Blitzø, I’m still lose from this morning, you can hurry up” and okay, it seemed he and Stolas hadn’t been the only ones to have a bit of fun before he and Fizz met up “Alright alright you needy f*cker” he said, slipping two fingers inside and biting his lip at the choked moan Fizz let out into his ear.

“Do I have to remember you- ah sh*tyesthere- who my partner is? I’m not going to break so hurry up” Had it been another occasion and hadn’t Blitzø been so desperate to be inside Fizz himself, he would have properly tamed his absolute brat of a friend, made him desperate and begging for his co*ck, but that would have to wait for another time.

As Blitzø unceremoniously pushed his third finger inside, Fizz pushed back, head falling to rest in the crook of Blitzø’s neck “I’m ready” he said, and Blitzø knew better than to object. So, he took his fingers out, taking great pleasure in drying them on the pristine bedsheets “How do you want me?” he asked, and Fizz just pressed down on his chest, having him lie back on the pillows, mindful of his horns “There. Perfect” he said, looking down at him with a smirk, and Blitzø had to fight back a very unflattering needy moan.

But then as soon as Fizz was reaching behind himself, taking Blitzø’s co*ck and guiding it to his entrance, Blitzø knew that he was f*cked. Lip between his fangs and eyes half lidded, Fizz started sinking on his co*ck, and as soon as the tip was inside, Blitzø’s hands flied to his friend’s hips. Not to help him, oh no, Fizz looked perfectly fine and in control where he was, slowly but surely taking him, but to ground himself.

Eyes closed in the effort not to immediately burst a nut and embarrass himself, Blitzø didn’t realise Fizz was fully seated until his friend gave an experimental roll with his hips, making Blitzø moan out loud and open his eyes in surprise “sh*t Fizz you feel so f*cking good” he gasped, looking up at his friend “You look amazing too” he added then, feeling his cheeks warm up at the view he was presented with. Fizz was a dream, sitting on his co*ck and looking at him from above, a thin layer of sweat making his skin glow, lips slightly parted and eyes glazed with pleasure.

“You don’t look so bad yourself Blitzø” he said, lips curving into a smile, and then he pushed himself up and then let himself fall back down on Blitzø’s co*ck “f*ck” he said then, laughing, and Blitzø, who kinda felt like crying in that moment, pent up as he was, looked up at him like he grew a second head “What are you laughing at, you crazy clown?”

Fizz just shook his head and leaned down, placing his hands on Blitzø’s chest and starting to slowly move atop him, working up a rhythm “Nothing, just that I could never do this position with Ozzie, not even when he gets smaller. I would split in half. So it’s- ah sh*t- it’s nice” he explained then, and Blitzø bit his lip, trying and failing to smile smugly. Look like there was something not even the king of Lust could do for Fizz.

“Well, baby, you can sit on my co*ck whenever you like, you feel f*cking amazing” Blitzø punctuated that with a thrust upwards that had Fizz roll his eyes and let out a gasp.

They didn’t speak a lot from then on, Fizz doing much of the work at his insistence and Blitzø just lying there and letting himself be used at his friend’s will, enjoying every second of it. Only when Fizz slowed down, grimacing, Blitzø started pushing his hips ups, tightening his grip on his friend’s waist “Your legs okay?” he asked, bending his knees to get more leverage, causing Fizz to lean forward, hands coming to frame Blitzø’s head.

“A bit sore, but I can take it... sh*t, right there - I’m f*cking close” Pressing their foreheads together and bending his back, he started meeting Blitzø’s thrusts in kind. It didn’t take long then. Fizz moans got progressively louder, and with a couple more well aimed thrusts he was coming, untouched, painting Blitzø’s stomach and chest in white. Blitzø kept f*cking him through his org*sm, pulling him into a deep kiss, only slowing down his thrusts when he felt Fizz relax into his arms.

He was planning to pull out and just take care of himself, but as soon as he stopped f*cking up into Fizz, his friend pulled back from their kiss and looked down at him with his brow furrowed “What the f*ck are you doing” he said and without waiting for a response he suddenly pushed back against Blitzø, starting to f*ck himself on his co*ck “The f*ck are you stopping for? Keep going” And see, Blitzø was very very close and very very weak for Fizz, so although he knew his friend must have been tired, he obeyed, f*cking up into Fizz until he was nearly crying in oversensitivity.

“f*ck, I’m so f*cking close” he managed to warn, words breaking into a moan, but when he was about to ask Fizz if it was okay for him to come inside, his friend just pressed back, tightening up around him “ Come on, give it to me Blitzo”

Blitzo. Without the silent o. And see, anyone else calling him by his old name would have triggered him badly. But hearing it from Fizz in that moment, while he was close to him like never before, was what made Blitzø tumble over the edge abruptly without any warning “Oh f*ck Fizz”

Despite having already come once before, and twice in the same day, Blitzø’s org*sm was so intense he saw white for a moment and only when Fizz pressed his lips on his, kissing him deeply he managed to get back to the present moment. He kissed back, helping Fizz to get off him and lie down on the bed, wrapping himself around him, their tails immediately tangling together.

“So” said Fizz after some time, stopping Blitzø from nearly falling asleep on his chest, lulled by Fizz’s purring “Mh?” he mumbled, raising his head and meeting Fizz’s gaze. The imp smiled at him and headbutted him playfully “Nothing, just...urgh” Blitzø tried to sit up more, in order to be able to see Fizz in the face. He had the suspicion that whatever the imp was about to say was going to be important.

Raising his gaze to the ceiling and sighing shakily, Fizz continued “Okay, I know this might been soon but I’ve known you since forever, and I don’t care that we haven’t seen each other for years, I still want to tell you this: I...f*ck, I love you Blitzø. I did when we were children and I do now too. This sassier, crazier version of you. So, there’s that”

Okay, Blitzø definitely wasn’t sleepy anymore. On the contrary, his heart was beating a mile a minute and he was looking up at Fizz from his place on the imp’s chest with his eyes and mouth comically open. Finally, Fizz looked down, and when he saw the way he was looking at him, he chuckled, fingers coming to rest on his chin and gently closing his mouth, smiling bashfully at him “You don’t have to say anything, I really just needed to tell you”

But Blitzø wanted to say something. He knew what he felt and he knew what he wanted to say to Fizz, however it seemed that his friend’s declaration had sent his brain into short circuit, for he couldn’t begin to translate his thoughts into words. So he was stuck looking at Fizz like his best friend just told him he was about to sacrifice him to Lucifer, or something like that.

“Okay but now you’re scaring me, looking at me like that. I swear that’s okay if you don’t feel the same, I just...”

“But I do!” Blitzø choked out, finally finding his voice, and Fizz stopped talking, looking at him with his mouth agape “You do...?” he asked, his voice small and hopeful, and Blitzø nodded, leaning towards him and pressing their forheads together, eyes falling close “I think I never stopped loving you Fizz. Sorry it took me so long to take my head out of my ass and just admit it to myself”

Fizz chuckled wetly, and when Blitzø leaned back and opened his eyes, tears were running down Fizz’s cheeks “You asshole. You made me wait years, so now f*cking take responsibility” he said, smiling, and Blitzø could feel his eyes watering but did nothing to stop the tears from falling. Instead, he threw himself at Fizz and hugged him close, burying his face in the crook of his friend’s neck. Immediately, he felt his arms wrapping tightly around his back “You’re going to be sick of me in no time, you’ll see”

Fizz snorted at that, and hugged him even closer if possible “I’d like to see you try”


When Blitzø woke from sleep, it took time for him to realise we’re he was and whose body he was wrapped around, but when he did, his heart actually skipped a beat. Opening his eyes and following the movement of his hand, he found it perched on a flat chest, that gave way to a slim neck and to the cutest, roundest face ever.

As soon as he saw Fizz’s face, all the memories of the previous day came back to him. Surprisingly, after only one moment of panic when he thought “Oh f*ck that actually happened” he felt...calm. Peaceful, even.

He followed the lines of Fizz’s body with his eyes and bit his lip, giddy with excitement, thinking at all that had occurred the day prior. sh*t, it felt unreal. But it wasn’t. Fizz looked still deep into dreamland, so Blitzø tried not to disturb his sleep as he disentangled from him and jumped down of the bed. He would have loved to stay with Fizz, but he felt too restless, and he didn’t want to disturb his friend’s sleep. So, he took Fizz’s shirt from the day before, put it on and went outside the room in the direction of the home cinema. He was sure his phone was still there, and he really needed to update Stolas. It had been almost a day since he last wrote to him and if Blitzø knew him (he did) the owl was probably getting a little anxious.

“Here you are” the phone was in fact where he left it the afternoon before. So, climbing on the big couch, he sat and took the phone into his hands, quickly getting through his notifications and missed messages. Then, after a quick message to Loona, he immediately called Stolas.

“Blitzy?” the owl voice was slurred and it was clear he had still been sleeping “Morning Stols, sorry for waking you” said Blitzø, hugging his legs to his chest “And sorry for going MIA” he added then.

Rustling came from Stolas’ side and Blitzø could perfectly see him in his mind, feathers ruffled and eyes still half closed, hugging the pillow close to him “No worries Blitzy, I know you needed your space. How are you? Everything went well?” the way in which he asked was completely neutral, but still Blitzø felt his cheeks redden at the thought of how well it actually went.

“So. Actually. Weconfessedandhadsexandapparentlyhelovesmetoo ?” Silence. From the other side of the line, no sound came immediately. Then, after some more rustling, Stolas finally spoke “Blitzø, love, slower please, I think I got half of it” the teasing tone of his voice told Blitzø that he had, in fact, understood everything he had said. He just wanted to make him sweat a bit, the bastard.

So, taking a deep breath and brushing a hand on his face, he repeated “I said. That we confessed. Actually, he flirted with me and I was like ‘nah it can’t be’ but it turned out, it really was. Then I freaked out, but then we talked and turns out he too has had feelings for me since we were kids” here Blitzø paused and took another shaky breath, a smile appearing on his lips “Crazy, right?” he asked rhetorically, but waited for Stolas to say something before continuing with his story.

“Being in love with you since childhood? Not so crazy, Blitzy” oh the bastard.

“Oh shut up you. Anyway. He said he wanted to say something for some time, and that Ozzie it’s okay with this. So, then we kissed and we...we f*cked, and that’s pretty it” after a pause to take his breath again, Blitzø continued “I know I didn’t tell you first, but it all went down pretty quicky and...”

“Dear, hold on. I already told you I’m okay with this, whatever happens. If anything, I’m overjoyed you managed to reconnect with Fizz and allowed him into your heart. I’m so proud of you, Blitzø. You deserve all the love people give you, and more”

Blitzø felt his eyes moisten and f*ck, Stolas needed to stop being this genuine and loving , he couldn’t take it “Goddamnit Stols” he cursed, rubbing his hand on his eyes, while on the other side of the line Stolas chuckled “I’m sorry dear, no more sentimental words now, I promise. Soooo, about the s.e.x...”

Blitzø snorted at that. He was thankful for the change of topic, and was about to start on his recount of the previous day more lewd details, but then he heard the home cinema door open “What if we meet for dinner tonight and I tell you in person? Gotta go now” he said, and when he turned around expecting to find Fizz standing near the door, he was surprised to see Asmodeus standing there looking at him with a smile. Blitzø hoped the way he gulped wasn’t too obvious to the Sin.

“Of course dearest, I’ll see you then. Have a good day. I love you” the way Blitzø still blushed hearing those words from Stolas was frankly embarrassing, but the most embarrassing thing was having to say them back in front of Asmodeus himself “Later Stols. Love you too”

As soon as the call ended, Blitzø met Asmodeus’ eyes again and he was suddenly aware of the fact he was wearing Fizz’s shirt, over his very naked body, while Fizz probably still slept in his and Ozzie’s bed. Which they had properly defiled the day prior. Oh well, if Blitzø was about to lose his dick, at least he had fun with it one last time.

However, whatever thing Blitzø was expecting Asmodeus to say, it wasn’t what actually came out of the sin’s mouth “Fizz is still sleeping, would you like some coffee?” And well, how could Blitzø refuse that offer. So, nodding, he jumped down of the couch “f*ck yes” and that’s how he found himself sitting at the kitchen table, holding a warm cup of coffee in his hands, Asmodeus sitting right in front of him. The coffee was delicious, but the silence was starting to drive Blitzø crazy. Thankfully, when he was seriously starting to consider talking about the weather, Asmodeus spoke.

“You must have tired him a lot, it’s unusual for Fizz to sleep in. I’m impressed” the way Blitzø choked on his coffee at Asmodeus’ words was not dignified at all “ What -I mean. Yes, I guess it was a...pretty tiring day” the raised eyebrow and accompanying smirk Asmodeus gave him made Blitzø blush.

“I can imagine. Did you get the opportunity to talk?” Asmodeus inquired with what looked like genuine curiosity, so Blitzø deduced that Fizz hadn’t yet managed to update him on what had actually happened the day before. Holding onto his cup of coffee for support, Blitzø nodded “Yeah” Then, he added as an afterthought “I need you to know I would have never made a move on him hadn’t I been sure you were okay with it”

At that, Asmodeus chuckled “I know, I wasn’t you I was worried about. I was pretty sure Fizz would jump you as soon as you put a foot inside the door” Well, that made Blitzø snort, and emboldened by the fact that Asmodeus actually seemed okay with him f*cking his boyfriend, he said “More or less. But yeah, we talked. The f*cking came after”

Smiling earnestly, Asmodeus nodded “I’m glad” he said, leaning in, and when he placed one large hand on Blitzø’s own, he felt a shiver run through his whole body. See, he and Asmodeus were definitely on friendly terms, but they never touched each other so casually, so the soft touch was definitely unexpected. But also not unwelcome “You two are really good for each other”

Blitzø struggled not to drop Asmodeus’ earnest gaze, but he could feel his cheeks burn more and more by the second. Thankfully, someone clearing their throat caught their attention and Asmodeus’ retracted his hand, turning towards the kitchen door, where Fizz was standing, leaning against the doorframe. Wait, was that Blitzø’s shirt? “Oh no please, keep going. The moment was getting pretty intense there” his friend said, smug grin curving his lips “I wanted to see how that would end”

Asmodeus chuckled, immediately getting to his feet and scooping the still grinning Fizz into his arms, while Blitzø rolled his eyes and tried hard to hide his embarrassment “You pervert”

Flipping Blitzø the bird, Fizz kissed Asmodeus sweetly “Welcome back babe” he said, rubbing their foreheads together “Had fun?”

Throwing first Fizz, then Blitzø a knowing smile, the sin raised one eyebrow “Not as much as you two, I believe” That had Blitzø snort on a laugh and Fizz smile smugly, not even trying to deny the implications of his lover’s words “Want me to tell you about it?” He asked instead, eyelids dropping and voice getting smoother, and oh, Blitzø suddenly felt like the room temperature had raised exponentially “About how good Blitzø was for me?”

Asmodeus was a stronger demon than Blitzø, however, because he merely kissed Fizz again and then he placed him on the stool where Blitzø was sitting, resisting the adorable pout the imp directed him “Don’t look at me like that babe, I want to hear everything about it. But first, breakfast” he said then, and Fizz sighed defeated.

“You’re loosing your touch, Fizz” Blitzø teased him then, playfully poking his cheek. He knew that had it been him in Asmodeus’ place he would have caved immediately, but Fizz didn’t need to know that, did he?

The imp just rolled his eyes, but instead of swatting Blitzø away, he let his head fall on his shoulder and tangled their tails together. Blitzø blushed, but didn’t shy away from the affection, leaning instead more into Fizz’s side. He felt like subconsciously he had thought that since he and Fizz f*cked, his friend would revert back to his usual behaviour towards him, and until then he hadn’t known how much he needed the reassurance that that wasn’t going to be the case.

Deciding to be bold, Blitzø turned his head slightly and placed a kiss on the top of Fizz’s hat. Then, when the imp turned towards him with a soft smile curving his lips, Blitzø kissed those too. When they separated, Fizz smiled and playfully brushed their noses together. By some miracle Blitzø didn’t do something really embarrassing, like squeal from the cuteness overload.

Satan, dating Stolas had turned him into a lovesick fool.

He and Fizz cuddled on the stool while Asmodeus’ cooked and Fizz didn’t let go of his tail even as they ate, deciding to stay seated next to him instead of crawling onto his partner lap. Blitzø tried not to be too obvious about how pleased he was about that.

However, the knowing smile Asmodeus’ gave him when he met his gaze across the table told him he wasn’t doing a very good job.

But, f*ck it, Blitzø was happy. He knew he probably had a long way to go before he fully accepted the fact that he deserved all the good things that had happened him, but f*ck it, he was grateful . He had everything he could have hoped for.

And more’ he told himself, stealing a glance in Fizz’s direction, and smiling.

Yes. Blitzø actually , one hundred percent, definitely was the luckiest imp in all Hell.

Lucky - Sunnyrainbowflower - Helluva Boss (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own] (2024)
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