Santikos Loyalty (2024)

1. Join the Movie Lovers Rewards Program - Santikos

  • As a member of the Movie Lovers program, every purchase brings you closer to amazing rewards. Starting as a Movie Fan, you'll earn 10 points per dollar. Climb ...

  • Come be a part of the ultimate movie-loving community, where the MORE fun you have, the MORE you'll earn! Plus, it's FREE to join! Join Movie Lovers today.

Join the Movie Lovers Rewards Program - Santikos

2. Santikos Rewards

  • Movie Lovers is our NEW loyalty rewards program released in 2022! Here's what's new: It's FREE to join! Earn points for every $1 YOU spend! Redeem points on ...

  • Santikos Loyalty | Movie Lovers | More Fun, More Rewards

3. Sign-up for Santikos Loyalty... - Santikos Entertainment - Facebook

4. login - Santikos

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  • login

login - Santikos

5. That's right, Santikos Loyalty Members... FREE! We miss you so much that ...

  • May 21, 2020 · That's right, Santikos Loyalty Members... FREE! We miss you so much that we've loaded these into your account. See you at the movies!

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6. Santikos Collection Loyalty Club

  • Sign up today at the Santikos Collectin Loyalty and get €100 Hotel Credit on your first booking. Welcome to our family of distinguished guests!

7. Santikos Entertainment - KSAT

  • Santikos: COVID-19 will make theaters 'supremely challenged to survive' · SAN ANTONIO – Santikos Entertainment emailed loyalty members on Wednesday asking for ...

  • Santikos_Entertainment

Santikos Entertainment - KSAT

8. Guest Feedback for Santikos Cibolo 18124 Interstate Hwy 35, North ...

  • What did you like about your Santikos experience? Is there a way to upload receipts for my loyalty points? My husband made two concession purchases tonight but ...

  • Reviews of Santikos Cibolo 18124 Interstate Hwy 35, North Cibolo, TX, 78108, US

9. Online Refunds | Santikos Theatres test

  • Tickets purchased using Santikos Loyalty Rewards cannot be refunded through this page. Tickets purchased using multiple payment methods on same transaction ...

  • If your plans change your ticket purchased may be refunded up to 1 hour before the show. Find out more. test

Santikos Loyalty (2024)
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