Science Vs Commerce | Chapter 2 | Ashish Chanchlani (2023)


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Production -

Cast : Akash Dodeja, Kunal Chhabhria, Anmol Sachar, Rohit Sadhwani, Tanish Sirwani, Ritesh sadhwani, Divesh Nainani, Pravin Chugh, Sagar Rohra, Gaurav Matta, Aashish Chichria, Dhiraj Makhijani, Nitesh Wadhwara, Ritesh Udasi, Bhavesh Gaba, Tarun Pahilajani, Bhavesh Punjabi, Himanshu Dodwani, Minesh Santani, Soham Punjabi, Khush Punjabi,Amar Nagdev, Mohit Karira, Ronnie Ranglani, Bittu nagdev, Jayesh Bhojwani.

Video shot by : Kunal Chhabhria & Divesh Nainani

Editor : Kunal Chhabhria

Co-Editor : Divesh Nainani

Music created by : Ashish Chawla

Written and created by : Ashish Chanchlani


'this video is a work of fiction too.' 'like.

The earlier video use your..

...imagination while watching this video.' 'please don't, take this video, too seriously.', 'in case, if you are offended..

...than, you can return to this disclaimer.', 'thank, you.' So.

This is how decomposition of liquid happens..

...using, electricity., Any, doubts? - Sir, when pass electricity..

...using cathode and anode.

Why does the atoms of sodium..

...gets attracted to carbon cathode.


Do they get attracted carbon? Instead of chlorine?, Sir, I, don't understand this.


You please explain me?, Okay., Any, doubts?, Excuse, me, sir!, I have a doubt.


- Sir, I wanted to ask this.

When I came first day to this class..

...Kareena was sitting with Akash.

Okay? Then.

The next day she sat with Vivek.


The third day, Kareena..

...was sitting with Kunal.

Why, isn't, Kareena sitting with me? Do I.


So bad? Do I.

Eat humans?.

What is the problem, sir? Why.

Does it happen during your class?? I will shoot you.

- Sir! Sir.

Escape! Sir! Hey, shall we bunk the practicals of Bio? What! You wish to bunk the practicals of Bio, do you? Do? You know how much I love Biology? Don't, you know, I always wanted to become a doctor? I wanted it since my childhood.

So that I can treat people.


All one has to do to become a doctor! You want to bunk the practicals of Bio, don't, you?, What, nonsense!, Come, on...,'s, extremely important.

Lets, not miss it.

We need to quietly follow the teacher's instructions.


We are going to do my favorite practical.

Ashish will perform this practical.

Thank, you, sir.


Do you want me to do, sir?, Should, I, adjust the specimen in the microscope? No.

- Then what? Today.

We will..

...dissect, the cockroach.


- Hold it like a pen.

Sir, I, can't do this.


She is looking into my eyes and asking..


You dissect me? It could be somebody's...


It's family would be waiting.


You expect me...,, dissect, it?, No, I, can't do it.


You don't, I'll, make sure you fail.

Okay, sir.

I will do it right? Away., Mister., The form for switching from biology to geography..

...will, be available, here, right? Yes.

You will get it here.

- Thank you.



Am confused.

Should I opt for Commerce or Science?, Go ahead and take Commerce.

Ashish, put your phone in silent.



Don't worry about my phone.

This is the brand new 'asus, Zenfone, 5Z'., It automatically adjusts its ringtone.. per the background.


It has an AI technology in it.


Should we care if the phone rings or not? They are the teachers of commerce.


Not object.

They are just like a family.


My family.

- Sir! Give me.

Your phone.

S-Sir, I'm, sorry.

Tomorrow, ask your parents to take this phone from me., Sir, I'm, sorry., Sir., The teachers of commerce..


So lenient..., They behave, just like our family.


Please send me the pictures of those notes.

Yes, wait a minute.

Your phone gives out such an awful photo.


You use such an inferior phone.

Let me click, the photo using my Asus Zenfone, 5Z., Check.

It out.

This phone is enabled...

...With AI scene.


It has automatically switched to text mode.


It has 16 scene detection types like these in total.

You, can't click, a superior photograph using a cheap phone.


Chapter is it? This isn't.

A chapter, but an answer.

What! Don't, you know, that? It's, the principle of...,, An, extremely lengthy, answer.

'the, subject of Commerce are so simple.' 'you don't need to mug up anything.' Sir, I'm done with my examination.

I have filled the entire paper with theory.


It, sir.

You have written a good introduction.

You will definitely get one mark for it.

Where is the rest of the answer? 'the exams of Commerce..


So simple.', 'you, don't need to struggle for marks.'.


Give me 200 supplements.


Man, I, can't, equate LHS and RHS!.

I solved the right side first.

And then the left side.

Why is it not getting equated? Sin, and..., ...Cot of LHS and RHS are still unsolved.


I solved Cot, I find a new Sin.


What is all this? - Listen, friend.

Maths in our country.. such.

If you solve it in just two steps..., ...nobody will care about it., If, you..., ...solve, the same sum in eight steps..


If you apply all the theorems in it..., ...the sum will be solved, and you will get the marks too.


You write over here.

I will apply some random theorem..


The teacher do whatever he wants.

Write that you are multiplying.

Both the sides by zero.

LHS into zero is equal to zero.

RHS into zero is equal to zero.

Zero, equal zero.


It is proved...

...That LHS is equal to RHS.

You'll, be happy.

So would be the teacher..

...God will be happy, too.

Go and break the coconut! That's, amazing!, I missed.

It completely., This balance sheet, isn't, getting tallied.

I have written all the entries and also adjusted them., I still can't tally.

The balance sheet.

Listen to me.

I will give you a simple solution., I, know.

You want me to write..

...the, total of debit at the credit side.

I used to do that in my childhood.

Write, here., My, accountant, handles, all this.

Call him as he is the one who looks after all that.


Much is the difference? - 100.

Oh, is that so? Take this 100 rupee note and stick over it.

Apply gum or even spit will do.


The paper.

Teacher will accept the currency note.

He will tally it by himself.

You will get your marks directly at home.

Teacher is happy.

So are you and God.. Happy, too., Go and break a coconut.

That's, great, man!, I missed on it.



You bring your assignment? No, man., I forgot everything because of biology.

What about you? - I forgot.

It too.

How about everybody else? Did.

Anyone do the assignment? Fine.

Let's, meet sir and tell him this.

Nobody has done the assignment today.

We'll, ask him to postpone.

The date of assignment.

How is it? Okay.

That's, a great idea.

- Okay.

- Awesome.


The best idea.

- So.


Your assignments.


Nobody has done...

...Their assignment, today.


We all request.

You to..


The submission date of the assignment.

Yes, sir., Please, postpone, the date of assignment.


You don't need to do that.

My assignment is ready!.

'no, man., I, forgot.

It too.' 'no, man., I forgot.

It too.' There was a traitor amongst us.

Thrash him! - 'hey!' It's.

The last day of assignment submission, today., How, many of you have done the assignment? I have done it.

Just, three assignments out of the batch 20.

Don't, worry., Each.

One of your's assignment will be submitted.


How is that possible? I have a fantastic idea.


What are you doing?? Sir,? I forgot attach the page of my name.

Name is pretty essential.

- Yes.

You are already aware...

...How students are nowadays.

They submit.

Each other's, project., That's, right., They, add their name over the top.

I'll see, you, sir.

- Okay.

You, rogue!, Wait!, Stop, right, there!, Let's, begin..., ...with.

The attendance.


- Present sir.


- Present sir.


- Present sir.


- Present sir.


- Sir.

He is absent.

Why so? - Sir.

He faces a lot of limits at home.


His parents are removing..

...the derivatives from him.


We are his friends after all.

We will integrate everything.

Friendship is strong.

Hence proved.


- Sir.

He is absent too., Why, so? Sir.

He studies for 17 hours in total.

He is on a saline.


He took science despite being poor.


My child.

You get into Commerce.

Sorry, sir., Vasu., Sir.

He expired last week.

What? - He died under the weight..


Rd, Sharma's, books.


Life has turned into a parabola.

Sometime up and sometimes down.

If I'm making a building..

...will, I, write derivatives on it? - No.

I can't.

Take attendance., I, can't., Let's, study., Chapter.

Number two., So.

You are here.


Nice that I have a decent salary.

Otherwise I would have shot each one of you.

I'm taking the attendance.


- Present sir.


- Present! Abhishek.

- Present sir.


- Present sir! He is here too.

He will rag me again.


- Present sir.


- Present sir.


- Present sir.

Who said, that? Harsh.

- He will not come hereafter.

Why so? - It's his wish! Why.

Do you care? Do? Your job.

Take, the attendance.

You and your pony, tail! Just wander with your pony, tail.


- Sir, a car dashed on him.


- He was the driver.


Dog ate him.

- What! Dog ate his homework.

You just mind.

Your job.

I will chop his pony tail and stuff it into his mouth.


- Sir.

His neighbor's wife is pregnant.

So? - Sir, that lady's husband..

...has, not been home since two years.


He has got to do with it? - Who hired you as teacher? Dinesh.

- Sir.

He is drenched in the rain.

So? - He is drying himself up at home.


- She will not.

I mean, she is absent.

The lady with a beard.

Rohit., Rohit., Rohit.


He is absent.


Amazing! He has not come since a month.

I'm used to it now.


- Sir.

He has left to Lonavala with his beloved.


Are you laughing? - He has gone with your beloved.? Hello, guys! Please do not forget to like..

...comment, share and subscribe the channel.

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It can intelligently fast charge..

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You see my video?.

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