The jock and the snob - Chapter 81 - Leahisanalien (2024)

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Maura and Angela had shared a knowing smile when Jane left without arguing further and Maura could feel herself turn red. It was one thing knowing you could make a really argumentative person go quietly. It was totally different when it happened in front of their mother who they tended to argue with the most. It was like Angela had just gotten a view into the dynamic in their relationship that Maura didn’t want to give.

“You are really good for her, you know.” Angela just said before getting out new plates and glasses for the boys and Jane.

“I hope so, Jane really gets me out of my comfort zone.” Maura replied, trying to be helpful and offering her hands to Angela who immediately placed the plates in her hand and pointed towards the living room where the dining table was.

“Before Jane brought you home the first time I always thought that it would take a lot of time till she finds someone, she’s always so focused on football, school and us, her family. It just never seemed like she gave herself the capacity to find someone to spend her life with. And I am very happy that it’s you.” Angela smiled once Maura was back in the kitchen, already taking the orange juice and water bottles to bring them to the table.

“How can you be happy that it is me when we didn’t know each other before me and Jane got closer?” Maura questioned, she had heard that phrase often in films or read in romance novels (the few times she had read them) but never fully understood because it logically didn’t make any sense. If you don’t know a person you can’t be happy that they are dating your child.

“Oh well, you are a very nice, calm, intelligent and beautiful young woman. You are a lot of things that Jane isn’t, you are the calm to her storm and the brains to her blind strength sometimes. You haven’t given me a single reason to think about you negatively so I’ll trust Janes judgment and see you for the wonderful person you are.” Angela explained but it still didn’t make a hundred percent sense to Maura.

“I can understand that but you only learned about those qualities when Jane and I were already close so your judgment was clouded. Maybe I’m just not understanding the saying but for me it doesn’t make sense.” Maura tried to explain her problem with the logic behind the saying.

“If it helps, I already knew what kind of person you were when we met in the mall before prom. You were so respectful, nice, open and obviously very beautiful. And even with Jane acting so standoffish and mean you kept your composure. That’s when I knew that at least there was one person that didn't let Jane get away with everything.” Angela smiled.

Maura had nearly forgotten, well not forgotten but pushed aside, that they had met before. That they had met when Maura was dress shopping with her friends and that they had run into Jane and her mother. It had been such a weird end to an eventful day.

Maura could clearly remember not understanding how someone so rude and mean could be the child of such an utterly charming and nice woman. Now Maura of course knows that Jane definitely is just as charming if not more and that back in highschool they had gotten off on the wrong foot but back then she didn’t understand how someone like Jane could be the child of such a wonderful kind woman.

“You knew so much about me just from meeting for a few minutes?” Maura asked rather surprised, she knew that it took her a lot longer to get to know people and that of course other people were faster with it but still it seemed highly unlikely.

“I believe that in our family we have the gift of making human connections, being able to read the people we meet and find the ones that are good for us and our life. But maybe it’s also just because we are very loving italians.” Angela smiled and even if Maura didn’t quite understand it, she understood it enough.

“Jane didn’t like me at first, well I didn’t really like her either to be honest. We spend years ignoring each other and being more or less mean to each other. Funny how we still ended up together in the end” Maura didn’t really know why she said that but judging from the smile growing bigger on Angelas face it wasn’t anything bad.

“Janie has really big and strong emotions and all her life it has been hard for her to really express them. With her brothers she was always really open about her love for them but with everyone else Jane tended to play it cool or be mean by accident. It’s nice to see her more open and vulnerable now, I always feared that she would spend her life trying to make life perfect for us and forget about herself but now she’s really looking out for herself as well and loving you is a big part in this.” Angela gently placed a hand on Mauras shoulder and motioned for her to sit down before retreating back to the kitchen and like clockwork Tommy and Frankie ran down the stairs and Jane also came out of the bathroom.

“Ma?” Frankie asked once they were all sitting at the table, waiting for the food to be brought out, well Maura only waiting for her chance to go and make herself some tea.

“Yes, Frankie.” She answered still inside the kitchen, some things clattering around.

“Need some help?” Jane offered but was quickly shushed down.

“Do we have some jam left?” Frankie asked once it was quiet again, another moment of things cluttering and obvious sounds of Angela searching throughout the kitchen.

“No, sorry Frankie, we’re all out.” Came the reply. Frankie was visibly disappointed but said nothing.

A few minutes later Angela came out of the kitchen with a stack of pancakes, leaving Maura wondering how or when she had made these when she was talking for Maura basically the whole morning. The woman was a mystery to Maura. Apparently being a mystery was something that ran in the Rizzoli family. It was fun to meet such different personalities and with every visit continue to learn more about them and the way they think and act and with every visit Maura felt more and more like herself and like someone who could be open and social with other people.

The Rizzoli family truly brought out the best in her.

They had stayed at the dining table for a while, well Jane and her brothers eating like they had never eaten anything else before while Maura was eying Jane like she was always just about to say something about her eating habits but was holding back. Which Jane was thankful for because when it came to her Mas pancakes there was no stopping any of them and it was eat or not have anything left over for you, especially when her and her brothers had been moving around all morning.

Her Ma didn’t comment on it as well and instead was talking about some college stuff with Maura, Jane had heard the word football a few times which probably just meant that Maura was maybe helping them figure out how to get tickets and how best to get there. Who knew, Jane already asked her coach about getting better tickets for her family for her first game back and he had told her that they could maybe arrange for her brothers to come down to the sidelines for the warmup as long as they stayed behind the line were all the photographers, social media people and other loved ones from players were standing.

Jane also heard the words, hard headed, stupid and big heart, which meant they were definitely talking about her but Jane had enough of a mind to not say a word and instead wait to ask maura afterwards because what the hell was her girlfriend doing talking to her Ma about her while she was literally right there. Like what the hell.

In the end it didn’t bother Jane that much but in that moment she really had to think about her breathing and to not jump to any conclusions. A few months ago she probably would have just exploded and gone really mean towards them but now Jane could take a few deep breaths, remind herself that everything was fine and that if it helped Maura to talk to her Ma, then she should let her. It wasn’t like they had their closest friends here with them that knew them like the back of their hand.

Which made Jane think about Frost and how long they hadn’t seen each other and how she still had to kick his butt once she was allowed to. He was her brother from another mother per se and she loved him like she loved her biological brothers. They had never once in their lives been away from each other like that.

It was and still is really weird but what was even weirder and scarier was the fact that with every day of growing closer to Maura, Jane didn’t think that much about Frost, not that she was forgetting about him or missing him any less but it was like Maura was getting more and more real estate in her mind and Frost was giving up some homes to say.

Jane basically called him every few days even if it was just for a short check in to see how he was doing, to see how things were going and to give him an update on her health. Mostly short calls after practice when Jane was either on the way to the dining hall or on her way to her next class.

Every single call was like they had never spent a single second apart, but it just wasn’t the same as seeing him and Jane really missed him but apparently growing up and being an adult also meant not being able to see your friends that much or really at all, pretty sh*tty thing to be honest and even when Jane was really happy for Frost getting the scholarship he wanted she was still sad and mad that he didn’t also go to Boston College, that they didn’t just continue their time from highschool in college as the perfect dream team.

Football wasn’t the same without him. Jane loved it all the same and she loved her new team and all the guys were really great but none of them were Frost and Jane was so used to having Frost right by her side on the field that it was weird to now have Sanchez or Alvez by her side when it really should be Frost who could basically read her mind. Well, she also knew that this wasn’t fair at all to think since nobody on her current team was at fault for not being Frost but still especially when she was getting back in her groove after the accident Jane missed having Frost next to her, no matter how great the guys were, they could never be like Frost and especially during that time she had needed Frost and talking on the phone just really didn’t cut it at all.

But they would be seeing each other soon, well not that soon but soon enough, well nothing was really soon enough but the Fall Semester Half Two was nearly finished and Jane could try and get a plane ticket to Texas and visit Frost and then fly back to their hometown with him. Which she would have to talk about with him since Jane had no clue when Sophie was with him or close or anything like that. Sophie was Mauras friend and Jane and her were just friendly enough but neither of them really eager to become friends.

Jane hadn’t talked about that with Maura yet, it had barely been a real idea in her mind which was why she hadn’t talked about it with Frost as well. It was just Jane being homesick for her best friend and wanting to surprise him by actually visiting him and not only ever waiting for him to get back home. She would have to talk to Maura about it obviously but sometimes Jane didn’t quite know how to talk about pretty easy things that shouldn’t be hard at all but because they reveal a lot about Janes emotional wellbeing and Jane doesn’t want Maura to worry any more than she already does and had done all throughout her recovery process.

During breakfast and after Jane was unusually quiet, not unusually quiet for her noise level on campus but unusually quiet for how loud and active she usually was when she was back home with her family. It made Maura worry a bit. Since the accident Maura was always a bit on edge when Jane was acting out of the ordinary. Maura knew that she might be a bit paranoid but after seeing Jane so beside herself and depressed and missing that fire for life she always has, she just kind of started to be more worried about Janes changes in behavior.

Since Jane is an adult and Maura doesn’t want to be that girlfriend that worries too much and is too all up in her girlfriends business, she decided to just do what she usually does when they weren’t doing anything in particular. So Maura spent the time after dinner reading one of her medical books and making notes for future use, either as a help for studying or for topics she wanted to research even more.

Jane at some point had sat down on the opposite side of the table with two textbooks that she was currently using for studying and for writing her term papers. Maura always enjoyed watching Jane work, no matter if it was physical or academically. Both were equally satisfying.

Of course Maura appreciated seeing Janes muscles and coordination at work, her confidence oozing out of her. But there was something equally as nice and attractive about watching Jane study, write her papers, and work on something in the academic field. The way Jane was rising and scrunching her eyebrows, the way she basically lost train of everything else around her and was just focussed on the task at hand.

It just didn’t matter what Jane was doing, Maura would and did find something attractive, cute and or fascinating about whatever she was doing.

“Jane?” Maura asked when Jane was taking a sip of her water and now obviously not absolutely focused on her books.


“Are you alright? You’ve been rather quiet since breakfast.” Maura finally asked, it had been on her mind and if she had learnt anything about the last few months it was that sometimes you have to talk about things right when you first notice them while other topics needed some time and the right moment. This was something to talk about right now though, since ti was probably just in Mauras head and she needed Jane to tell her that everything was alright.

“Oh, yeah. Sorry, got kind of in my head earlier. Ya know just thought about some stuff and lost track of time.” Jane shrugged, it wasn’t exactly the reassuring answer Maura was looking for but it was a believable Jane answer that meant that she was thinking about something specific but right now didn’t want to talk about it.

“Okay, talk to me about it if you want to. Should I go and get Angela so we can give her the clothes for lunch? We have to leave soon and I don’t think that she would appreciate being stressed.” Maura smiled and Jane smiled back, it was like Jane saying that she would talk to Maura once she was ready to and for now that’s all that Maura needed from Jane.

“Oh sh*t, that late already? Yeah yeah, go get her and I’ll get the bag with the stuff.” And with that Jane quickly got up and basically ran out of the door to reach the car and get the bag, forgetting about the fact that it was Mauras car and she needed the keys. Maura already walking to her handbag to get the keys and seconds later Jane was standing in front of her with a dopey grin and taking the keys.

“Angela, we’ll have to leave for lunch soon and we still have to give you something.” Maura announced as she walked into the kitchen where Angela Rizzoli was sitting trying to do a crossword but judging from her less than pleased facial expression it wasn’t going that well.

“Oh Maura dear, could you help me with the crossword later? And why do you have something for me? I told Janie that I don’t want her spending her money on me.” Angela muttered the last part but Maura could hear it clearly and just smiled not really knowing what to say in a moment like this.

“Alright Ma, so I know you don’t want me spending my money on you, which I’m not doing, we’re just going to a fancy place and we thought that you might need some appropriate outfit choices for the Menton.” While Jane still didn’t seem to know a single thing about the restaurant Maura had recommended Angela definitely recognized the name and basically looked like that if physically possible her eyes would bulge out of her head right now.

“But that restaurant has a wait list longer than god knows how long that wait list is. How did you manage to get a table there?” Angela asked, now seemingly okay with the surprise.

The jock and the snob - Chapter 81 - Leahisanalien (2024)
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