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Halle @HalleBailey

5 days ago


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JJ. Omojuwa @Omojuwa

2 weeks ago

Wan-Bissàka is so careless but that was that really a penalty?

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Open Source Intel @Osint613

3 months ago

#Breaking: #Watch: Crazy footage from the Ibn Sina Hospital in Jenin: This is what the undercover IDF soldiers, who stormed the hospital disguised as women and medical staff, looked like as they eliminated the three terrorists.

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CaoLoi Crypto @loitau32

3 months ago

@Crypotcoinpi The Open Network phase means that the firewall in the Enclosed Network phase will be removed, allowing any external connections, e.g. to other networks, wallets, and anyone who wants to connect to the Pi Mainnet. API calls will not be firewalled and Pioneers will be able to run…

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The Lagos State Govt @followlasg

3 months ago

LAGOS TRAINS ICT OFFICERS IN UNIFIED LOCAL GOVERNMENT SERVICERead more:…@jidesanwoolu @drobafemihamzat @mlgca_lasg @gbenga_omo @BSaluHundeyin @gboyegaakosile @Mr_JAGs #LASG #AGreaterLagosRising

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Fox News @FoxNews

4 months ago

Texas border officers discover $10.2M in drugs inside refrigerated trailer hauling roses, officials say

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Moral Philosophy @ML_Philosophy

5 months ago

this time, choose yourself more.

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Reno Omokri @renoomokri

5 months ago

In Exodus 20:4, God told us NEVER to make an image of anything. Whether an image of Him, angels, humans, or animals. That verse says:“You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below."Yet, you make…

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Msunu ka Johann Rupert @ZizinjaAbelungu

5 months ago

@OgbeniDemola Poverty in Africa is not a Spiritual problem. It's an Economical problem

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Senator Shehu Sani @ShehuSani

5 months ago

The election that led to the defeat of Liberia’s President Weah and the victory of Boakai is much more than just another election.The election was reportedly Credible,transparent,peaceful & without hesitation,George conceded & congratulated the winner,despite the slim margin of…

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Kechi Okwuchi @Kechi

5 months ago

I just think this is a really cute picture, hehe💛☀️

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Abdul-Aziz Na'ibi Abubakar @jrnaib2

5 months ago

Peter Obi got 6m+ votes, but he humbly agreed to merge with Atiku ahead of 2027. To my surprise, it's Kwankwaso who ended up winning one state has the guts to reject the merger proposal unless Atiku and PO will agree to stepdown for him.What Kwankwaso failed to understand is…

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Joel Osteen @JoelOsteen

5 months ago

My prayer is that when we come to the end of life, we’ll be able to say we have kept the faith. Yes, we had difficulties, went through things we didn’t understand, but we knew God was in control, that He was fighting our battles, that it was all working for our good.

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Elon Musk @elonmusk

5 months ago

Amplify Empathy

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Reno Omokri @renoomokri

5 months ago

You did not struggle to find money to start a business. You refused to look around for capital to invest. You failed to find the resources to take a course to update your skills. But now that December is near, you are determined to find money from anywhere to enjoy yourself. And…

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7 months ago

"My friends think I'm a crypto genius, (I'm not) it's because I read Coin Club’s weekly newsletter (and they have no idea it exists)" - Every Crypto Degen

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Reno Omokri @renoomokri

5 months ago

The biggest threat to Nigeria's democracy is the belief by Nigerians that Nigeria should fund them. It does not work that way. No country on Earth funds its citizens except oil-rich countries. Not even communist or socialist countries. And Nigeria is not an oil-rich country. We…

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Reno Omokri @renoomokri

6 months ago

If Nigeria had more visa-free or visa-arrival access to more countries, there would be an epidemic of unmarried women in Nigeria. Because when our men travel within Africa and outside Africa and encounter beautiful women who are not money-conscious, they quickly lose their…

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Reno Omokri @renoomokri

6 months ago

Don't be afraid of mathematics. Learn it. It will elevate your ability to understand the natural world, increasing your chances of being financially, romantically, socially and privately successful. Even in heaven, Mathematics is still and will always be relevant. Numbers. God…

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Gumsu Sani Abacha. @G_sparking

8 months ago

This is absolutely true💯

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TwStalker - Twitter Search Web Viewer (2024)


Can I browse Twitter without an account? ›

When do you need to log in? Yes, you can browse Twitter without logging in, but you'll hit a snag if you try to dig deeper. Here are a few situations. Post your own Tweets: You must hold and log in to an account to post content on Twitter.

How do I view Twitter without an account nitter? ›

Use Nitter, a Free and Privacy-Centric Version of X

You don't need an account to go through various posts on X. Most of the limitations of using X without a profile don't apply to Nitter. It shows you the comments on individual tweets. You can go through all the tabs on any user's profile page.

How to search a user's tweets? ›

Here's how to search for somebody's tweets on the platform:
  1. Open the user's profile on the mobile app. Use the basic search feature and enter the person's X handle or display name.
  2. On the header image, there is the search icon. Tap this button to open the search utility.
  3. In this text field, you can enter keywords.

How to get to Twitter Advanced Search? ›

Click Advanced search, located underneath Search filters on the upper right of your results page, or click More options and then click Advanced search. Fill in the appropriate fields to refine your search results (see below for some helpful tips).

How to view 18 plus on Twitter? ›

Click on the More icon and go to the Privacy and safety settings. Look for the Content you see section and check the box next to Display media that may contain sensitive content. Settings are automatically saved.

What is the difference between Twitter and Nitter? ›

Since the user cannot log in to Twitter through Nitter, Nitter has no notifications, no home feed, and no ability to tweet. By default Nitter has no infinite scroll. Nitter had no ads or tracking and the timeline was in chronological order.

Does Nitter still work? ›

One of the last ways to access Twitter without an account is dead. Nitter, the open-source, tracker-free Twitter front end, joins the other great third-party apps in the API afterlife.

Can you see who viewed your Twitter? ›

No. Twitter doesn't tell you who viewed your Twitter profile. The microblogging platform doesn't provide this information to protect user privacy. The only profile view metric you can see is the number of visits to your profile.

Why is Twitter Advanced Search not working? ›

If Twitter's Advanced Search isn't working, it could be due to various reasons like browser issues, Twitter's server problems, or incorrect use of search filters. Try clearing your browser's cache, checking your internet connection, or ensuring you're using the search filters correctly.

How to see deleted tweets? ›

This is achievable in four steps:
  1. Go to the Wayback Machine's website.
  2. Enter the URL of your Twitter page and select the date range for the tweet.
  3. Click the “Browse History” button.
  4. The website will bring up deleted tweets with photos and text.

Why can't I search on Twitter? ›

Why Advanced Search on Twitter isn't working could be because of your poor internet connection. To solve this problem, you must check the internet connection of your device. If the internet connection you are currently connected to is slow, you may need to restart your router or modem to get a better connection.

Does Twitter advanced search work on private accounts? ›

Frequently asked questions about Twitter advanced search

Twitter does not allow you to search private accounts if you're not already following the account.

Is Twitter advanced search available on mobile? ›

Alternatively, you can input your query into the search box on Twitter's homepage and tap on 'Advanced Search. ' You can find this in the search filters' upper-right on the results page. Unfortunately, a user cannot access the comprehensive Twitter search function directly from the Twitter mobile app.

How to use Twitter Advanced Search on mobile? ›

How to Access Twitter's Advanced Search. Twitter's Advanced Search is a great tool to use for research, but it's only available on Twitter's web app. You cannot access it using the mobile app on Android or iOS.

Why is Twitter requiring login? ›

When Twitter started enforcing the login requirement, Musk said that he took these “temporary” measures to prevent data scraping. “Temporary emergency measure. We were getting data pillaged so much that it was degrading service for normal users!” he said in a tweet.

How can I access Twitter without email? ›

I cannot remember the email address I used on my account.

Use your account's username and password to log into X. If that does not work, visit our password request form and enter the username or email addresses or mobile phone number you think you used.

How does nitter work? ›

This is a lightweight, private front-end—basically you can replace any Twitter URL with a Nitter one and the tweet will open without any ads, tracking, or other nonsense. Twitter's sidebar, filled with accounts to follow and trending topics, are gone.

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