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Cheap Jim

Can I leave the green part on the tops of the carrots, then shave their heads for being collaborators?


best cooked carrots EVER!!!

I only eat them raw, but this recipe is changing that. Absolutely delicious, but I don't know if they are any good the next day, cold from the fridge. Had no leftovers to try that ...


I find that a few more than 1 lb. of carrots can usually be squeezed in the pan (still in one layer), and that the thyme and shallot can be slightly dialed back to improve the texture. Be careful to watch as the liquid reduces, it goes quickly! Great flavor and a nice presentation with young carrots.


Do not use honey, brown sugar would be better. Saute the shallots before adding other ingredients to glaze.

Tim Murtaugh

The recipe calls for young carrots, f possible, which are what are shown in the picture. They're slim enough to not require cutting;larger carrots need to be cut into smaller pieces in order to cook through effectively.

The young carrots are worth seeking out as they're sweeter and more tender!

Karen L Davis

Terrific flavor! Pan does indeed need to be absolutely bone dry for the glaze to adhere. Mine had a tiny bit of water remaining, which made the glaze more like a sauce, but didn't interfere with the flavor in the least. Yum.


This was a tasty recipe and I would make it again. We served it to company and they were all gone at the end of the dinner. I had a similar recipe, but I think this one is much better. More flavorful. Did anyone (other than maybe Cheap Jim) notice that the picture did not match the directions in the recipe? The recipe said to cut to 1/2" by 2" but the picture shows the carrots as whole.

Olive Oyl

I cut back on the honey, but they were still a little sweet for me - I guess I like sour-sweet instead of the other way around. But still, they were great with grilled fish and were just as good as leftovers the next day.


These were a huge hit with my Easter guests, used peeled baby carrots, didn't add shallot, and just because I need to tweak every recipe threw in a shot of Pernod (to keep it French) and some butter when reheating, and parsley before serving. Will definitely serve this again.


Tip: Add just a Quisling more Toyko Rose Brand Sherry Vinegar...


I made this for Thanksgiving (Canada) and it was a welcome bright dish that complemented the more traditional foods. I didn’t have the sherry on hand so I used apple cider vinegar, it worked very well. I have no doubt it wasn’t authentic Vichy carrots but it was tasty. Recommended with: Wild Rice with Mushrooms recipe

Roger Ramjet

This isn't Vichy Carrots. When you leave out an important part of a recipe, it's no longer the same dish. Vichy carrots includes water, sugar and butter. The butter is not optional, it's an integral part of the recipe.


Made exactly according to recipe (although instructions for cut carrot size don't make sense) and won't make again. The only flavor that stuck to the carrots was the sherry vinegar. Finished dish looked like it would be tasty, but flavors weren't there. Didn't really make a glaze either; more of an oily sauce.

Paul A

I added 3 tablespoons honey and 1 teaspoon thyme and it added just enough extra boost of flavor!


These carrots sound delicious. I’ll be making them over the holidays.In the photo with the carrots, the platter of raw shaved Brussels sprouts and walnuts are a big tease. How is the dish finished? A salad? A sauté? Give it up, NYTimes Cooking folks.A loud shout out to Cheap Jim, whose irreverent comment made me laugh hard on a Monday morning.


I've always cooked them (either whole if slim or coins if large) in orange juice just to barely cover, reduce to glaze at end stirring in some butter and thyme and a lot of fresh cracked pepper - delicious!


Cook with lid. Almost 20 min. Then glaze.


This is a recipe that can turn carrot haters into lovers! SO good and SO easy to make. I used rainbow carrots. Careful not to overcook!

Yoko Kuno

It was fine.

Carol webb

We have made this several times and the carrots are delicious. However they are never tender in 15 minutes! Even slim organic green-tops-still-on carrots from Whole Foods needed at least 25 minutes of boiling and regular grocery store carrots in a bag sliced on the diagonal 1/2” thick took longer than 15 minutes. Worth the wait, they’re that good, but plan time accordingly.

Brooklyn Steve

Worked pretty well, but definitely needs much longer than 15 minutes, as others have posted. I was already using thyme in another dish, so I substituted dried mint, which worked with the honey.


Meh. Carrots needed more cooking and the flavor just wasn’t there . Grams carrots soooo much better

5 stars

I only had Clover honey, which is too sweet; I would've used Acacia but didn't have any. Subbed maple syrup. As a previous reviewer said, make sure your pan is dry dry dry before starting the glaze. These were so delicious, I will certainly make them again.


Delicious. I had no thyme so I substituted fresh rosemary, which was perfect. A very good side dish with roasted beef or lamb or pretty much roasted anything.


Made these with really old carrots tonight as I work my way through the remainder of my quarantine supplies. I've done pretty good not hoarding but had ended up with a couple of bags of carrots. I was having pasta with a bolognese sauce tonight. These carrots were the best side dish I've ever had! Ten to one I use it for the last bag of carrots in my stash too. Bueno!

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Vichy Carrots Recipe (2024)
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